Faculty Of Liberal Arts & Media Studies


Vision and Mission

The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Media Studies aspires to develop into a niche for liberal education integrating a spectrum of disciplines ranging from the classic to the avant-garde offering production-oriented programs with visual as well as literary appeal enhanced by computational tools and data analytics.


* To build an atmosphere that nurtures creativity and can assimilate plurality of perspectives and approaches.

* To offer a spectrum of major and minor subjects providing for a liberal arts education that is broad and diverse.

Message Of The Dean

This faculty integrates, perhaps, the most diverse and also the most creative profiles. There is an incessant engagement with fresh ideas and projects. We hold regular 'ideation' meetings that are 'innovation' driven.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof Dinesh Kumar, had the foresight to realize the pertinence of this faculty to the university's appeal. Under his kind aegis, the faculty has been able to formalize courseware. After the undeniable invasion of new media, the influx of augmented reality, the world is poised to enter the era of Digital Humanities. A basic exposure to Data Analytics and Computational Tools shall prove to be a windfall gain for our graduates. While, the media and animation curricula expose the students to new tools and platforms of their trade, our literature programmes emphasize critical skills and cultivate their research aptitude for these domains. I keep looking for solutions that could resolve technical or administrative issues that emerge out of our specific requirements- it is a pleasure leading this eclectic set of media-savvy teachers!

-Prof (Dr) Atul Mishra

Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Media Studies


Dr Atul



Journalism & Mass Communication

A solely science and technology based institution like J.C. Bose University of science & technology took a valiant leap by introducing two programs Masters and Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication as a full-time course. This was a unique effort by the institute and was seen as a bold move that had not been taken before. The program is a comprehensive course including all areas of mass communication: Print Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, Media Management, Public Relations, Advertising, Communication Research and much more. In today’s day and age, the exercise of the freedom of expression comes with a lot of responsibilities, and media plays a decisive role. Our attempt is to train professionals, who accept the challenge of being sensitive to the demands of such a role and who can be true to the very core of such an industry.

Courses Offered

* Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication (MAJMC) - Two Years degree Course

* Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication (BAJMC) – Three Years Degree Course

Scheme and Syllabus MJMC_2019

Scheme and Syllabus MJMC_2017

Scheme and Syllabus BJMC

Animation & Multimedia

Animation and Multimedia program has now the strength, vigour and potential to step in as an exciting opportunity in terms of an academic choice and career especially for students with innate creativity and the flair to do something new and unconventional. The department is highly equipped with latest software and audio visual studio, and state of art lab for animation course. This degree provides a solid foundation in core Graphic and Multimedia, Creative Visualization and animation and film production skills. Through the academic program, students also develop excellent written and oral communication skills; learn to work as a team and project management.

Courses Offered

* Bachelor of Science in Animation and Multimedia – Three Years Degree Course

Scheme and Syllabus BSC Animation and Multimedia_2019

Scheme and Syllabus BSC Animation and Multimedia_2018


English & Literature.

The Masters in English programme carries a perennial appeal and has been part of universities faculties the world over. Despite temporal flux, this particular programme has prospered and been embraced by universities across the globe. The particular course offered by the university has been designed to immerse the students still deeper into the treasure house of world literature sweeping across races, geographical areas, cultures and times. The courseware offers a vivacious spectrum of readings and literary works, blending the canonized with the marginalized. This Masters programme shall equip students to use the literary and critical skills learnt during the course for creative productions. At the same time, this programme has the unique dimension of being conscious of international corporate demands giving a sweeping exposure to the students, through a string of elective subjects, audit courses and dissertations, to skills required in the work-a-day world of professionals.

Courses Offered

* Master of Arts in English - Two Years degree Course

Scheme and Syllabus MA English

MA English PO and PEO

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