Industrial Consultancy Cell

Director of the Industrial Consultancy Cell: Dr. Navdeep Malhotra (email:


The broad objectives of the cell would be as follows:

a) To create and maintain database for expertise of the University faculty and facility by getting inputs from respective faculty/departments.
b) To explore avenues for industrial consultancy vis a vis expertise of the University faculty.
c) To act as a facilitating center in providing assistance for the faculty members of the University in communicating with the external agencies.
d) To enter into agreement, sign documents and authenticate records on behalf of the University as authorized by the competent authority.

Avenues of Operation

The cell would facilitate to provide revenue generation in following broad ways:
A. Consultancy projects undertaken from core and service sector would include, but not limiting to:
• Projects/ Consultancy work requiring the use of laboratory and other University facilities.
• Projects/ Consultancy work without the need of University facilities.
• Projects/ Consultancy work requiring expertise of the faculty.

B. Continuing Education: With strategic location of the University, it has ample scope to provide continuing education to industry personnel in the following modes:
• Short term courses in specialised areas
• Tailor made courses
• Expert lectures to industry personnel
• Certificate courses