VC's Message

A warm welcome!   


Alumni are the assets and brand ambassadors of any institution.


J.C. Bose University of Science and Technology,YMCA, Faridabad considers its enormous alumni base consisting of 10,000+ exceptional individuals who have graduated over the bygone nearly 4 decades to be one of the assets it is most proud of.

This portal has been designed by the University to provide a platform to all the JCBoseUST alumni to interact with each other and share their views and experiences, thus facilitating easy access and communication between the alumni and the University.

The achievements and joys of our alumni are as much ours as yours in view of the fact that we all together form a big JCBoseUST family and nothing would give us more pleasure than to organize programmes which would permit a confluence of all of us together. This portal is, therefore, designed with umpteen features which would permit you to connect professionally as well as relive your memorable time in the University.

We would be very pleased if each one of you takes an active interest in this portal and also encourage others to do the same by being a vital part of this significant reconnect opportunity. Your suggestions are welcomed at

With best wishes for a more successful career ahead.