Why Choose Us

Explore your passion in the media industry, follow your dreams as a multitalented artist and gain practical skills that help you level up your career. The Department of Communication & Media Technology provides you with complete support and creates a media environment where you will love to learn. We will change your future and set you in the right direction towards a rewarding and bright career and job with our industry-focused course curriculum. Students from all over the world prefer studying in our Department because our courses are developed by industry professionals, scholars, and great leaders. As soon as you have completed your degree program in our Department, you are ready to join the media industry. We are fully committed to providing you with complete support in every step. Our Department is rooted in innovation and collaboration. Students receive individual attention while exploring their interests. Combining industry experience, scholarly knowledge, and technical expertise, Our Department offers undergraduate courses in Journalism and Mass Communication, Social Work, Animation and Multimedia, and Postgraduate courses in Journalism and Mass Communication and Animation Multimedia. Our Department also has Ph.D. students working in areas from creative writing, media studies, film, television, and digital art. All courses balance the development of professional practice. Skillset recognizes us as a provider of high-quality professional education and training.

Resources and Facilities:

1. Multidisciplinary study programs

  • 3 Bachelor Programs
  • 2 Master Programs
  • PhD. Program

2. Highly qualified teaching and technical staff

  • Teaching are recognized for the quality of their scientific and teaching qualifications.

3. Cutting-edge research oriented

  • The Department support the growth and development of research.

4. Implicated and involved students

  • Students are active members of cultural and extra-curricular activities.

5. Career guidance & professional insertion

  • Students are able to benefit from career guidance. Media industry offer promising career perspectives for our students

Technical Facilities and Features:

1. World Class Studio (Maharishi Narada Digital Media Studio)

  • Equipped studio for video shooting
  • Our students get to experience the media industry in action both in front of the camera and behind the scenes
  • Our students also routinely create news bulletin, documentaries, advertisements, podcast and other forms of digital media
  • Industry level lighting and the latest in digital equipment
  • We have technology to capture shots like gimbals and mounting kits
  • Television Control Room
  • Professional television broadcast cameras
  • Top-of-the-line audio production microphones

2. Radio Booth

  • For sound recording and for sound transmission
  • Professional audio editing softwares and audio labs
  • A student audio recording studio and surround sound mixing labs
  • Audio production microphones and field recorders

The Department also provides media students with professional equipment and facilities with full range of media, including pre- production, production and post-production, animation, game design labs, recording facilities, photography studios and labs, up-to-date classrooms, video conferencing, public spaces, green room and many more.