Sr. No. Name Qualification

Experience (years)

Area of Specialization Nature of Association  
Dean of Faculty and Informatics  
1. Dr. C. K. Nagpal M. Tech., Ph.D. 34 Soft Computing. MANETs, Automata Theory Regular  Details
2. Dr. Atul Mishra M. Tech., Ph.D. 29 Cloud Computing, Data Science, Network Management Regular Details
3. Dr. Naresh Chauhan M. Tech., Ph.D. 30 Software Engineering, Software testing, Agile Software Development Regular Details
4. Dr. Komal Kumar Bhatia M. Tech., Ph.D. 22 Information Retrieval, Hidden Web, Web Mining, AI & ML Regular Details
5. Dr Ashutosh Dixit M. Tech., Ph.D. 18 Information Retrieval, Mobile Communication Regular Details
Associate Professor  
6. Dr. Neelam Duhan M. Tech., Ph.D. 18 Databases, Web Mining, Web Information Retrieval, Machine Learning Regular Details
7. Dr. Sapna Gambhir M. Tech., Ph.D. 18 Internet of Things, Medical Imaging, Wireless Sensor Networks Regular Details
8. Dr. Parul Gupta M. Tech., Ph.D. 20 Machine Learning, Information Retrieval Regular Details
9. Dr. Jyoti M. Tech., Ph.D. 18 Information Retrieval and Web Mining Regular Details
10. Dr. Anuradha M. Tech., Ph.D. 20 Digital Forensics, Computer Vision, Web Technologies Regular Details
11. Dr. Parul Tomar M. Tech., Ph.D. 18 IOT, Wireless Network, Database Regular Details
12. Dr. Harish Kumar M. Tech., Ph.D. 17 Software Testing, Project Management, Machine Learning Regular Details
Assistant Professor  
13. Dr. Shruti Mittal M. Tech., Ph.D. 17 Internet & Web Technologies Regular Details
14. Dr. Poonam M. Tech., Ph.D. 15 MANETs Regular Details
15. Dr. Deepika Punj M. Tech., Ph.D. 15 Internet & Web Technologies Regular Details
16. Dr. Payal Gulati M. Tech., Ph.D. 15 Information Retrieval Regular Details
17. Dr. Amita Arora M. Tech., Ph.D. 17 Information Retrieval Regular Details
18. Dr. Preeti Sethi M. Tech., Ph.D. 16 Software Agents, Wireless Sensor Networks Regular Details
19. Dr. Ashlesha Gupta M. Tech., Ph.D. 19 Internet & Web Technologies Regular Details
20. Dr. Rashmi Popli M. Tech., Ph.D. 18 Software Engineering, Software testing, Agile Software Development, Computer Security Regular Details
21. Dr. Sonali Gupta M. Tech., Ph.D. 19 Hidden Web, Information Retrieval Regular Details
22. Dr. Umesh Kumar M. Tech., Ph.D. 10 Wireless Security, Mobile agents Regular Details
23. Mr. Piyush Gupta M.Tech., Pursuing Ph.D. 7 Machine learning, BigData Analytics Regular Details
24. Dr. Shivi Garg M. Tech., Ph.D. 9 Network Security Regular Details
25. Dr. Rewa Sharma M. Tech., Ph.D. 12 Network Management/Cloud Computing Regular Details
26. Dr. Lalit Mohan Goyal M. Tech., Ph.D. 19 Data Mining Regular Details
27. Ms. Shikha Gupta M.Tech., Pursuing Ph.D. 8 Big Data, Information Retrieval Systems, Online Marketing Contract Details
28. Ms. Shilpi M.Tech., Pursuing Ph.D. 4 Software Engineering, System Engineering Contract Details
29. Ms. Raveena Aggarwal M.Tech., Pursuing Ph.D. 4 Networking Contract Details
30. Ms. Rachna M.Tech., Pursuing Ph.D. 4 Wireless Communication, Network Security Contract  
31. Ms. Dimple M.Tech., Pursuing Ph.D. <1 Data Mining Contract  
32. Ms. Yojana M.Tech., Pursuing Ph.D. <1 Machine Learning , Data Mining Contract  
33. Ms. Garima M.Tech. <1 Data Mining Contract  
34. Dr. Anu Sharma M. Tech.,PhD 1 Data Mining, MANET Guest  
35. Ms. Beenu Kumari M.Tech. 1 Software Testing Guest  
36. Ms. Ritu M.Tech. <1   Guest