Undergraduate Minor Degree / Specialization

With a view to enhance the employability skills and impart deep knowledge in emerging areas, usually not being covered in Undergraduate Degree framework, concept of ‘Minor Degree / Specialization’ in emerging areas is being introduced from academic session 2022-23. Proposed Minor Degree / Specialization will require the earning of 18 to 20 credits. This scheme shall be an addition to the regular undergraduate program implying that its passing/failure shall not affect the result of regular undergraduate program being pursued by the student. Upon successful completion of the course, Minor / Specialization Degree shall be awarded to the candidate.

The Computer Engineering Department of the University has introduced the curriculum for following Minor / Specialization:

1. Computer Vision

2. Blockchain

These emerging areas will help students in capturing the plethora of employment opportunities available in these domains.


1. The scheme will be applicable from Academic Session 2022-23 onwards.

2. This will be a three-semester program which will start in the 5th sem of the B.Tech. program.

Syllabus and Schemes

Minor Degree / Specialization (Download pdf file: Syllabus)