List of Patents


Name of the Teacher Patent Number Title of the Patent Status Year of Award/ Publish of Patent
Dr. Rashmi Popli 2021102874 Remote Controlled Solar Assisted Intelligent Smart Chula Granted 05-04-2022
Dr. Sonali Gupta and Dr. Payal Gulati 2021105853 A Systematic and Preventive Approach for Detecting Vehicle Mishaps on Roads Granted 19-01-2022
Dr.Harish and Mr. Piyush Gupta 202111048073 System for Crop Health Assessment and monitoring with Incorporating Weather Forecasting Data using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Published 29-10-2021
Dr. Rashmi Popli 202111037448 A A Self-Healing Method of an Object in a Script and a System Thereof Published 14-10-2021
Dr. Lalit Mohan Goyal 2021100097 Bird Recognistion method based on deep learning Granted 01-08-2021
Dr. Amita, Dr. Manvi & Dr. Ashlesha Gupta 202121020320 A New Approach for Detecting Face Mask and Controlling COVID using IOT and Artificial Intelligence Published 30-07-2021