1. Merit List for Ph.D CE 2021(Click here to download)

2. Ph.D Guided and Awarded list(Download file)

3. Ph.D Scheme and Syllabus (Click here to download)

4. Ph.D_syllabus_july2017-converted (Click here)

5. Ph.D_syllabus_2017_winter_session-converted (Click here)

6. Ph.D Syllabus july 2018-converted (Click here)

7. updated_Ph.D_syllabus-july-2019-converted (Click here)

8. Updated_Ph.D_scheme-and-syllabus2019-winter_session-converted (Click here)

9. updated_scheme_and_syllabus_Ph.D-july-2020-converted (Click here)

10. Updated scheme and syllabus Ph.D July 2021(Click here to download)