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Aug 01, 2019


Guidelines for M.Tech. 2nd, 3rd & 4th Semester Students for Mini Project with Seminar and Dissertation Work/Industial Project (AICTE Curriculum)


The following guidelines should be followed by students for Mini Project with Seminar and Dissertation Work during 2nd, 3rd and 4th semester of M.Tech course as per AICTE curriculum.


Allocation of Supervisor/Co-supervisor


The supervisor/guide to students for pursuing Mini Project with seminar and Dissertation I & II work will be assigned at the end of 1st Semester through Departmental M.Tech. Coordinator(s). The provision of Co-supervisor is permissible to those students whose work requires multi- disciplinary research. The supervisor(s) will remain same for guiding in their 2nd, 3rd & 4th Semester.


Duties of Supervisors


The respective supervisor will ensure that they are giving sufficient time to their assigned students for the purpose of minor project and thesis/dissertation. The guides are also required to direct their students to submit and present a concise progress report to M.Tech. Coordinators as per the schedule displayed by the department. If any guide finds that a particular student is not contacting him/her for the purpose of seeking guidance, he/she will inform the same to Chairperson/M.Tech. Coordinator. The guides will ensure that at every stage of work during minor project and dissertation, there should not be any compromise with the quality and standards.


Group size for Mini Project and Dissertation-I & II


Mini project, Dissertation-I & Dissertation-II work needs to be done individually by all the students.



Mini Project with Seminar:



The students are required to select the topic/area of the Seminar and Mini Project which they want to extend further in dissertation to be pursued in subsequent semesters in consultation with their supervisors. The students have to identify the area of research interest and present the literature work in the form of seminar before the assigned faculty and the class students. The students after detailed literature survey or study are required to implement one of the already proposed algorithm/technique (or entirely new proposed one) using some tool, simulator or technology etc. as the part of deliverable.

The evaluation will be done based on topic of deliverable, technical content, confidence level, tools/techniques used and the defined rubrics for the assessment.



3rd  & 4th SEMESTER


Problem Identification


The students are required to formulate/identify the problem for the minor dissertation or industial project, based on the literature survey done in their 2nd semester, in consultation with the supervisor within two weeks from commencement of classes. Once the area of the work is identified, the students need to submit the plan of work in form of synopsis to the department. In general, the problem identified for the minor dissertation will be extended for Dissertation-II in fourth semester. Only in rare cases, the student may be allowed to change his/her area for the dissertation with due permission of chairman on recommendation of the concerned guide and M.Tech. Project Coordinators.


Submission of synopsis for Minor & Major dissertation


A synopsis (with 3-5 pages) with a clear problem identification and plan of work based on the literature review conducted in the second semester and outcome of Dissertation-I need to be submitted within three weeks of commencement of 3rd semester. Inline to the same, a synopsis for the major dissertation dictating a clear extension of the dissertation-I needs to be submitted within two weeks of commencement of 4th semester


Scope/Deliverable of Minor dissertation


During the period of minor dissertation, a detail literature review (along with tool or simulator required if any) will be done. In addition, one of the following may be taken up by students as part of their minor dissertation:

1.        Students are required to propose a novel idea or propose a modification of existing approach with proper validation of the same using some tool, simulator or technology etc. as the part of deliverable.

2.        Students may carry a detailed comparative analysis of existing techniques in the identified area using some tool, simulator or technology etc. as part of deliverable.

3.        Students may pursue some industrial project as part of their minor dissertation. They may work on some industry sponsored project with one supervisor from the department and one from industry. Internal supervisor will oversee his/her progress time to time.


Scope/Deliverable of Major dissertation


During the period of major dissertation, student has to work with a focus on extension of dissertation-I. Students are required to propose a novel idea or propose an extension of the approach proposed during his/her 3rd semester with proper validation of the same using some tool, simulator or technology etc. as the part of deliverable.


Progress Presentations by the Department


The department will conduct one progress presentation for evaluation of minor project and two progress presentations for dissertation work respectively done by the students. The students will present their cases by preparing a power point presentation and submitting a spiral bound report as per the format prescribed for the same to the Departmental Research Committee or the

committee appointed by the chairman of the department. These presentations will contribute in the final evaluation of Minor Project/Thesis.




Attendance of students during Dissertation work


The students will report in the department as per the time table and schedule conveyed by the department and will mark their attendance in the department. They are supposed to consult their respective guides during their stay for seeking guidance and doing their research.


Submission of Minor Dissertation & Major Dissertation


The submission of the minor dissertation and major dissertation for final evaluation by the external experts is subject to at least one research publication/acceptance in UGC Care List of journals by the student in each of the 3rd and 4th semester in the relevant area and covering the work done by him/her and the literature survey done by him/her during project duration. The implementation should be research focused and should be done in the research fields chosen by the student. The date for final submission will be intimated by the CBS Coordinator through Controller of examinations. The date of submission of major dissertation will be as per the academic calendar communicated by the Academic section and no further extension will be given.


The supervisors and the students are advised to go through the plagiarism check of the thesis to ensure plagiarism not more than 10% using the University’s plagiarism software and submit a report of originality along with thesis at the time of final submission. If a student is unable to submit by the stipulated date, his/her dissertation and viva would be held with next year exams.


Students are advised to strictly adhere to the timelines and formats of mini project and dissertation (given by MTech coordinator) for submitting their progress reports and final thesis.




Dean (Faculty, Informatics & Computing)