Student Welfare Team

Prof. Lakhwinder Singh
Dean - Student Welfare
Prof. Pradeep Dimri
Director - Cultural Activities and Youth Affairs
Dr. Anuradha Pillai
Deputy Dean - Student Welfare
Dr. Harish
Deputy Dean - Student Facilities
Dr. Krishan Verma
Director - Social Responsibility Activities

The office of the Dean Students’ Welfare (DSW) is a student care center that serves as a relationship between students and administration. It covers all facets of the student's life at JCBose University of Science and Technology, Faridabad, whether it is a hostel life or life at the playground or life in classes. In general, it works towards the welfare and well-being of the students on campus, so that a healthy environment is created for the all-around personality growth of the students. DSW closely works with students across all years to provide leadership, social, extracurricular, and academic counseling programs. Student Welfare department tries to nurture students' mental, physical, cultural growth with various activities to improve their overall personality development and to make them civilized Indian citizens to compete in the globalized world. To support the University’s educational goals to enhance or address aspects of the entire student experience, the Office of Student Welfare has a professionally trained team to help students through the unanticipated problems that sometimes come in their way. To accomplish this, University has student’s clubs like Nataraja, Srijan, Ananya, Vividha, Jhalak, Tarannum, Vivekanand Manch, Microbird, Manan, Mechnext, Samarpan, IEEE, SAE Collegiate Club, Eklavya, Niramayam, NCC, YRC that organizes different activities are undertaken for all-round personality growth of the students.