Nataraja, The Dancing Society of JCBUST,YMCA faridabad was started for the students of jcbust to overcome the inhibition of public stage performances.Nataraja comprises of three dance forms- bhangra,western and haryanvi which together are responsible for the healthy organisation and choreography of every dance event. The society aims at providing various platforms to the students both inside and outside of the university. Be it elements culmyca(the annual fest) or Reizo (freshers) or any other college event, the society comes up with contemporary to classical, bhangra to hip hop and many more such forms. Started years back the society is growing year by year and providing various such opportunities to the students every year.

Coordinator: Dr. Rashmi Popli, Ms. Raveena Aggarwal

Secrataries: Diljeet, Ritika, Eiti, Princy, Sidharth, Shweta, Astha

Joint Secretaries: Sunny, Jaikant, Ankesh, Laxmi, Bhawna, Anuj, Himanshu, Prateek, Renu

Visit Us at http://manan/com