Srijan is the only fine-arts society of JC Bose University, YMCA. The club was established in year 2003 and has maintained its integrity over the years. To select newbies the club organizes three day auditions every year in the month of September or October, followed by a pi round, clearing which will earn you the membership of the Srijan club. Srijan is the family of all its members and everyone is given equal importance in the club. The faculty coordinator and mentor of the club is Dr. Preeti Sethi and all the club activities are under her guidance and supervision. The club activities are headed by the Secrataries and joint secretaries of the club and coordinated by the club members.

Coordinator: Dr. Preeti Sethi, Ms. Shilpi

Secrataries: Dipali,Maninder,Sachin

Joint Secretaries: Hemant,Yash,Amit,Komal

Visit Us at http://manan/com