POLYPHONY: Independent Voices


While on the inaugural day the highlight would be an expert lecture on Shakespeare, the following day our deliberations would span Elizabethan England as well as contemporary India.


Whether it be Shakespearean England or Postcolonial India, gender norms have to be brought under scanner, revisited, reviewed and revised. Dr Neer Kanwal Mani, HES, HoD English, Pt JLN Government College, Faridabad, Haryana shall be our guest speaker for the day which we have organised under the rubric ‘Gender Sensitivity and Leadership Role for Women’. She would focus on feminism in American, British, French and Indian contexts.

For the valedictory ceremony, it shall be our pleasure to have as our Chief Guest Smt Premlata, former MLA, Jind who shall pertinently address the gender concerns on regional level as well as highlight the women achievers in the regional context the same day. The lectures would complement each other as Dr Neer Kanwal Mani shall focus on academic and theoretical aspects of the feminist movements on global level while Smt Premlata shall offer a pragmatic view of the scenario closer home.

If Shakespeare had an equally talented sister, would she have been accepted by Elizabethans?


Prizes and certificates would be given for best submissions as well as activity and quiz responses.




POLYPHONY: Independent Voices


Promotional Programme


Shakespeare enthusiasts are invited to video record a recitation of their favourite lines from Shakespeare and send them to us at the following email address:



Inaugural Lecture



July 29, 2021:


Keynote Address and Expert Lecture by Professor Bhim Singh Dahiya,

Professor of English and former Vice-Chancellor Kurukshetra University

Prizes for Best Video Recitals from Shakespeare

Visual and Textual Quiz on Shakespeare

Valedictory Lecture



July 30, 2021:


Chief Guest: Smt Premlata Singh

Keynote Address: Dr Neer Kanwal Mani, HES