Dean's Message

An education of management  is the right mantra to meet the requirement of today’s business world. Vastly changing, growing and challenging business scenario is increasing the demand of dynamic managers. The rising complexity of the business environment has made it mandatory for the graduate to undergo a positive change in their professional and intellectual skills. Management education is the right solution to the continuously changing business scenario. The MBA program (with dual specialization) at J C Bose University of Science and Technology, YMCA is an attempt to congregate the today’s economy and a step to fulfilling the technology integrated business. 

J C Bose University of Science and Technology, YMCA stands committed to enhance the existing goodwill of its name and bring glory to the country. The MBA program at J C Bose UST is an attempt to address this concern in a scientific spirit; it aims to provide the students with cutting edge skills and knowledge required for successful career in business management.

MBA program in the University is designed with this perspective of research analysis to tackle the complex business problems with a strong research focus. The course is rooted in the Indian environment, along with the required international perspective. With a carefully designed syllabus, we keep up to the true J C Bose UST tradition of sensitizing ourselves with the industry. The pedagogy that we adopt with case studies, group discussions, industry interfaces and real life problem solving exercises help students to gain in confidence to communicate, collaborate and learn. The faculty at the University is specifically selected on the basis of their work experiences and their ability to do research activities so that they can impart relevant knowledge for contemporary issues and challenges in the fast growing integrated business world. Our location at Faridabad offers us a strategic advantage and enables us to have strong linkages with business and industry. J C Bose UST retains a strong interaction with the industry on account of its courses in Management. The strong industry linkages ultimately go a long way in providing a holistic approach to education and research.


Dr. Vikram Singh