Dr. Manjit Singh (Professor - Computers Dept.) is currently acting as proctor of the University.


The following Anti Ragging Committee is constituted by competent authorities:

1. Dr. Manjit Singh Proctor

2. Sh. Dushayant Shukla (AP, ECE) Deputy Proctor (Boy's)

3. Dr. Neelam Turk (Assoc. Prof.) Deputy Proctor (Girl's)

4. Ms. Shruti Sharma  (AP, CE) Assistant Proctor

5. Sh. Sushil Kumar (AP, IT) Assistant Proctor

6. Dr. O.P. Mishra (AP, ME) Assistant Proctor

7. Dr. Rajeev Sindhwani (AP, MBA) Assistant Proctor

8. Dr. Neetu Gupta (AP, HAS) Assistant Proctor

The above Anti Ragging committee also acts as Proctorial Committee.

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Deterrent Measures for Ragging