About IR Cell

Core Team

Dr. Rashmi Popli

Director, Industry Relation Cell

e-mail: ir@jcboseust-ymca.ac.in


Dr. Sanjeev Goyal

Dr. Rashmi Aggarwal

Dr. Jyotsna

Coordinator(s), Industry Relation Cell

e-mail: coordinatorir@jcboseust-ymca.ac.in


A strong Academia-Industry Interaction is the major focus of the department as well as the University. We believe that higher education is not only synonym with the world class facility, faculty and students but also with the involvement of industry in academia. Whatever we do and facilitate our students with, it remains incomplete without the involvement of the industry where this knowledge is actually gets implemented. 

Since, the University aspires to be a nationally and internationally acclaimed leader in technical and higher education in all spheres which transforms the life of students through integration of teaching, research and character building. Seeking the support of industry in doing so, the University has created an Industrial Relations cell which work towards opening the various avenues where we can collaborate with the industry. They are:

• To create an ‘Industry Lecture Series’ by setting up a pool of distinguished guest lectures from industry experts.

• To set up relevant Centers of Excellence (CoE) in YMCAUST with industry players/corporate.

• Organize ‘Short-term Training’ opportunities (4-8 weeks) for students.

• Attract ‘Industry Projects’ to the university for execution by students/departments

• To arrange for Industry sponsored conferences.

The University also believes that the development of teachers has a direct impact on the development of the students. In order to keep them updated with the latest tools/techniques in the industry, the University is also looking forward to the collaboration with the industry in the following areas:

• Make latest tools/technologies available from leading companies to provide practical exposure for faculty.

• Help setup Faculty Development Programs, Workshop & Seminar delivered by Industry Personnel. They could range from one day to 15 days.

• Enable faculty to modify the curriculum that suits evolving  industry needs and promote industry participation in curriculum planning & development.

• Facilitate research and development projects.

As a University, we continually thrive for knowledge and seek a close partnership with the industry to create a better society that is both ethically as well as technically strong.