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Subscribed e-resources

Library is having access of following e-resources which are accessible on University’s IP including Wi-Fi in University Campus.  Library is also member of DELNET, E-Shodh Sindhu consortium.

Subscribed e-resources:


Name of e-resource



SpringerLink 1700 Collection and Nature Journal



Taylor & Francis Group



ASME Journal Online



IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL) Online



Elsevier’s Science Direct (Engineering and Computer Collection)



JGate Plus(JCCC)



South Asia Archive (SAA)



World e-Book Library 






SWAYAM  Free Online Education Program (Open access) Accessible at: https://swayam.gov.in/nc_details/NPTEL

SpringerLink  http://link.springer.com

 The Springer Online Journal collection includes peer-reviewed journals, comprising of more than 600,000 individual documents. Contents in Springer are organized by subject into 25 collections including architecture & design, astronomy, biomedical sciences, business & management, chemistry, computer science, economics, education, engineering, environmental sciences, geography, geosciences, humanities, law, life sciences, linguistics, materials, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, physics, psychology, public health, social sciences and statistics. Overall journals can be accessed through SpringerLink are around 1400 journals. The archival access is provided from 1997 onwards.

Taylor & Francis Group http://www.tandfonline.com 

 Taylor & Francis Group publish more than 1100 journals and around 1,800 new books each year. It is a widely known publisher among researchers, students, academics and increasingly professional. UGC-Infonet Digital Library Consortium can access more than 1365 journals with archival access to 1998 onwards issue. ( All accessible titles will have the Green icon).

ASME e-Journals  http://asmedigitalcollection.asme.org

The ASME Journal sharing the latest engineering research. Each ASME Journal title publishes the highest quality peer-reviewed literature in their respective field of mechanical engineering. The professionally curate content that comprises the material available through the journals on the ASME Digital Collection includes the history of mechanical engineering research as well as the cutting-edge discoveries being made today.

Elsevier’s Science Direct http://www.sciencedirect.com

ScienceDirect is home to almost one-quarter of the world’s peer-reviewed full-text scientific, technical content. Over 15 million researchers. Professionals, teachers, students and information professionals around the globe rely on ScienceDirect as a trusted source of nearly 2,500 journals.

Subject Collection: Engineering and Computer Science

IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL) Online http://ieeexplore.com

IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL) Online is a research database for discovery and access to journal articles, conference proceedings, technical standards, and related materials on computer science, electrical engineering, electronics and allied fields.

JGate http://jgateplus.com 

J-Gate is an electronic gateway to global e-journal literature. Launched in 2001 by Informatics India Limited, J-Gate provides seamless access to millions of journal articles available online offered by 11,428 Publishers. It presently has a massive database of journal literature, indexed from 36,987 e-journals with links to full text at publisher sites. J-Gate also plans to support online subscription to journals, electronic document delivery, archiving and other related services.

DELNET http://delnet.nic.in

DELNET Online provides access to DELENT Union catalogues and other Databases to Member-Libraries. It provides following services: Article database, e-journals, Database of Theses and Dissertations, e-books, Cambridge Dictionary online, Inter Library Loan etc.