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List of Journals subscribed in library:

·Advances in Computational Sciences & Tech

·Advances in Wireless & Mobile Communication


·AKGEC International Journal of Technology


·Bal Bharti

·Bulletin of Materials Science

·Current Science

·Electrical World

·Embedded for You

·Finance India

·Global Business Review

·Haryana Seva Pardarshak

·ICFAI JL of Applied Finance

·ICFAI Journal of Mgt Research

·IIMB Management Review

·IIMS Journal of Mgt. Sciences

·Imanager’s JL of Instrumentation & Control Engg

·Imanager’s Journals of Image Processing

·Imanager’s Journals on Electronics Engg

·Indian Jl  of Electrical Engineering & Research

·Indian JL of Advanced Material Science

·Indian JL of Advances and Applications in Fluid Mechanics

·Indian JL of Advances in Computer & Information Engineering

·Indian JL of Advances in Computer Science & Engineering

·Indian JL of Advances in Electrical Engineering

·Indian JL of Advances in Knowledge Engineering & Computer Science

·Indian JL of Advances in Software Engineering & Technology

·Indian JL of Applied Computational Intelligence & Soft Computing

·Indian JL of Computer Internet Security

·Indian Jl of Computer Science & Engineering

·Indian JL of Electronic & Electrical Engg

·Indian Jl of Electronics & Micro Circuits

·Indian JL of Electronics Circuits, Devices & Fields

·Indian Jl of Embedded System in Engineering Research

·Indian JL of Finance

·Indian JL of Industrial and Production Engineering and Technology

·Indian Jl of Information and Computer Science Technology

·Indian JL of Manufacturing System Research

·Indian JL of Neural Networks & Techniques

·Indian JL of Physics

·Indian JL of Power & Energy System Engg

·Indian JL of Science & Technology

·Indian JL of Speech and Language Processing

·Indian JL of Wireless and Mobile Communication

·Indian Journal of Chemistry Section A

·Indian Journal of Chemistry Section B

·Indian Journal of Engineering & Material Science

·Indian Journal of Marketing

·Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics

·Indian Management

·Int. JL of Engineering &  Management

·Int. JL of Fluid Mechanics

·Int. JL of Information Processing

·Int. JL of Reliability, Quality & Operation Mgt

·Int.JL of Applied Engg Research

·Int.JL of Comp. Science & Knowledge Engg

·Int.JL of Dynamics Fluids

·Int.JL of Fuzzy Systems & Rough Systems

·Int.JL of Material Science

·Int.JL of Mechanics & Solids

·Intl  JL of Electric Power System Research

·Intl JL of Computational Intelligence Res

·Intl JL of Computer Science & Communication

·Intl JL of Computer Science & Information Engineering

·Intl JL of Computer Science & Software Technology

·Intl JL of Control Theory & Applications

·Intl JL of Electric Power Sys & Energy Conversion

·Intl JL of Electrical & Computer Engg

·Intl JL of Networks & Applications

·Intl JL of Power Engg & Energy Conversion

·Intl JL of Power Engineering

·Intl JL of Power Engineering & Green Technology

·Intl JL of Power Quality

·Intl JL of Power System & Power Electronics

·Intl JL of Power System Optimization


·JL of Energy Heat & Mass Transfer

·JL of Future Engineering & Technology

·Journal of Astrophysics & Astronomy

·Journal of Biosciences

·Journal of Chemical Science

·Journal of Earth System Science

·Journal of Electronics Networks, Devices & Fields

·Journal of Genetics

·Journal of Human Values

·Journal of Microwave science & Technology

·Journal of Smart Systems & Technology

·Journal of The Inst of Engineers India-Series B

·Journal of The Inst. Of Engineers India-Series C

·Journal of Wireless Network & Microsystems



·Lighting & Solar World


·Proceeding(Mathematical Sciences)

·Resonance(Jr of Science Education)

·Sadhana(Engineering Science)

·Tecnia Journal of Mgt Studies

·Tender World

·Udyog Pragati

·University News

·Vikalpa-The Journal of Decision Makers